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Partner Leg Circles Core Workout

Here is a fun partner core workout! This is a great core strengthener and a challenge for your balance and coordination as well. Try to do at least 8 of each set!

There are multiple levels to this set of core work that we demonstrate in increasing difficulty, so choose what works best for you. Start by sitting facing each other far enough away so your legs just slightly cross each other. Engage your core to lift your legs up into table top with your knees bent. Make sure your knees stay above your hips or farther away to keep your core working. For more balance support, you can gently rest your fingertips or hands on the ground on the sides of your hips.

Start to move your legs in circles around each other - it’s tricky just to figure out which way to move, so here’s where the teamwork comes in! To increase the difficulty, straighten your legs and continue the circles.

For the the highest level challenge here, zip your legs together into one straight line and circle your legs around each other. Then high five your partner to celebrate your strength and teamwork! Shoutout to my coworker and workout buddy Jennifer!


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