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Shoulder Countdown

This is my favorite weightless shoulder toning exercise! I realized after filming this that I should have played “Countdown” by Beyonce while filming this - missed opportunity! Guess we will just have to do our countdown on our own!

Keep your arms straight and lifted out to the sides, at the height of your shoulders, being sure to keep your shoulders down as you move through the work. Start with 16 little arm pumps in each position, then 8, then 4, then 2, and then 1. Just move a few inches in each position: start with palms down, then palms up, then forward, then backward, then rotating the arms in small circles in one direction and then the other.

You can add a set of light weights if you want for an additional challenge, and you could hold a low wide second or narrow squat to get in some lower body work as well. If you are doing this with weights and your shoulders start to hunch up, drop the weights to focus on proper form.

Here is a video with more instructions, as well as a demonstration that you can follow along to do this with me!


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