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Spinal Twist Leg Stretch

I thought this picture looked a bit boring with just a white wall so I let my inner child out with some doodles! Plus the rainbow matches my shirt!

Anyways, this is a great stretch for your legs and core! It gives you a nice spinal twist, as well as stretching your iliotibial (IT) band along your leg. We don’t often stretch the IT band, and that can lead to injuries and pain on the outside of your knee - I’ve definitely experienced this before!

To do the stretch, stand sideways next to a barre (or something of similar height like a countertop). Put your outside leg up on the barre while keeping your hips and torso facing front as much as possible. Rotate your upper body so your outside arm reaches back behind you to hold the barre for a nice twist. Hold, then repeat on the other side! If you can’t get your leg up on the barre, you can keep it on the ground - just put it in front of your other leg so you still get the twist!


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