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Vessel Stairs Workout

I’ve been in NYC this weekend visiting my friend Maddie, and we have had such a blast exploring fun food and sights in the city! Today we climbed the Vessel and made a workout on our way up the stairs!

It’s a really cool new sculpture that you can climb up in, and it has great views of the city! Here are some fun examples of exercises you can do with stairs or a railing, inspired by our dance training and barre/fitness experience!

(I look kind of like a frog in this lol...but a frog that has places to be!)

After climbing to the top, we enjoyed some amazing ice cream from Van Leeuwen’s!

We each got two flavors so we could share - vegan salted caramel, strawberry rhubarb with pistachio crumble, vegan peanut butter chocolate chip, and vegan oat milk and cookies!


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