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Windmill Back Strengthener

To the the wall...oh wait, that’s not right! Haha, anyways, here is a fun windmill-inspired back strengthening exercise! Windmills are great for sustainable energy, so challenge that for this move.

This is kind of similar to a camel pose in yoga, but instead of finding a stable backbend, you are using your back strength to hold your arms out behind you and then rotating side to side! You are using your back strength to hold your upper body up while your arms move, and your core is also engaged to help you rotate and stay stable!

This is pretty challenging, so if you are just starting out, try working on camel pose first (here is a little tutorial). Other great back stretches to try to work up to this are the bow pose and a partner-assisted back stretch. These would also be great to do after the windmill exercise to release any tension in your back!

Song is the intro to "Edge of Midnight"

To do this, start kneeling with your knees under your hips. I like to have my feet flat on the ground, but you can tuck your toes if that makes you feel more stable. Bring your hands to your chest), and press into the tops of your feet for stability as you lean backwards. Keep your chin slightly tucked towards your chest, so your head doesn’t fall completely backwards. Your hips may shift forward slightly to balance out, but try to keep them over your knees and avoid moving them forward a lot - focus on the bend backwards, rather than just pushing your hips forward.

To start, keep your hands at your chest until you feel stable and comfortable. When you feel ready, stretch your arms up overhead alongside your ears, as if you were reaching for the wall behind you. Lower one arm to tap the ground, your foot, or along your leg (depending on where you can comfortably and safely reach) on the same side. Return to the center with both arms reaching back, and switch sides. Repeat as many times as you like! Follow with one of the back stretches and mentioned above to relax.


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