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Yoga Compass Stretch

Orange you glad it’s a long weekend? I sure am, so I am having an orange-themed day with my outfit and lunch!

I started the day off with a great and challenging barre class with Hannah at Barre & Soul! I wore these fun orange-patterned leggings (they’re sun protective too!!) because I’m making ORANGE CREAM BAKED OATS for lunch and am so excited! They’re currently baking and smell amazing and I can’t wait to eat them!

Anyways, this stretch is called the compass pose in yoga and is a great hamstring and hip opener. You start by cradling one leg in the crook of the same side elbow, then reach over with the opposite arm to grab your foot. Extend your leg straight up and there you have it!

I know it might not be so easy if you have tight hips or hamstrings, so just start by rocking your leg back and forth while cradling it and try to see if you can gently bend and extend your leg!


Note: As this post (and all posts up to this point) are from before I had a website, I didn’t take any pictures for the progressive steps for this pose, but I will try to do so and add them in the future! I tried to explain the steps in words as best as I could, but in the meantime, I hope this link helps demonstrate!


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